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So I thought this meme might be kind of fun to adopt for Zuka. The original reads thusly: What five items owned by characters in your fandom(s) would you most like to own? How would it go if we changed it to read What five items used in a Zuka production would you most like to own? It took some doing, but I think it just may be possible to narrow it down.

1.) Death’s Boots, from the Dr. Death/Saigo no Chansu scenes. No one has Boots like that.  (Tsuki Elisabeth)

2.) Nikita’s headpiece, because I want to dress up like a hot cult leader for Halloween, and I must have the proper accessories.  (Hoshi Lure of the Icon)

3.) Gwendolyn’s hat, because the perfect hat can obviously overcome any and all obstacles in life.  (Tsuki Ernest in Love)

4.) Marie Antoinette’s red dress and jewels, because we're apparently living in the age of bling-bling, and I want my share!  (Sora Versailles no Bara)

5.) Big Joule’s teddy bear. Please don't tell me I need to elaborate.  (Tsuki Guys and Dolls)

Any takers?

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