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Zuka 100

Yay for caithion and her ability to find us such wonderful ways to procrastinate!

1  お名前と生まれ年、観劇歴を教えてください。
Please tell us your name, age, and your history of being a fan.

, 25. I’ve been a fan for a about a year now, after being introduced to it by caithion.
2  初めて観た公演は何ですか?生観劇ではなく映像でもかまいません。
What was the first performance you saw? It doesn't have to have been a live show, it could be a video or DVD.

Tsukigumi’s Elisabeth.
3  ハマるきっかけになった公演は何ですか?
What was the performance that first addicted you?

Ummm…yeah, that would also be Tsuki’s Elisabeth ^^;; I’m really easy.
4  宝塚ファン人生における「初恋の人」はどなたですか?
Who is the "first love" that lead you to becoming a Takarazuka fan?

Definitely Ayaki Nao. She blew me away as Death. I kept watching just so I could see more of her.
5  観劇は大劇場メインですか?東宝劇場メインですか?
Do you mainly go to see shows at the Daigekijou or the Tokyo Gekijou?

Neither ^^;;
6  ご贔屓男役さんを教えてください。複数可。
Please tell us the otokoyaku you support. More than one is okay.

Based on other people’s responses, I’m assuming this means current otokoyaku. Soooo…that would be Kiriya Hiromu, Mizu Natsuki, Aran Kei, Mizu Natuski, Sena Jun….and a whole lot more.
7  ご贔屓娘役さんを教えてください。複数可。
Please tell us the musumeyaku you support. More than one is okay.

Shirosaki Ai, Ayano Kanami, Izumo Aya
8  好きな芝居作品は?3個くらいまでなら複数可。
What musicals do you like? Up to three is okay.

Elisabeth, Phantom, Bara no Fuuin,
9  好きなショー作品は?3個くらいまでなら複数可。
What revue shows do you like? Up to three is okay.

Hmmm…harder. Babylon, Takarazuka Maimu, VIVA
10  今まで観た中でいちばん「チケット代返してよ!」と思った作品は?実名でどうぞ。
Which, of the performances you've seen so far, was one that you thought "I absolutely must get tickets for this!"

If I could ever see any performance of Elisabeth live, I would be the happiest person in the world.
11  ご贔屓以外で今いちばん気になる生徒さんは誰ですか?
Outside of the ones you support, is there a seito that you're interested in?

There are very few that I wouldn’t mind learning more about, really.

12  いわゆる路線外で、大好きな生徒さんはどなたですか?複数可。
Of the ones on their way to the top, so to speak, which seito do you like? More than one is okay.

Kiriya Hiromu, because she *will* be Tsuki’s next Top. I’m also really pushing for Ayana Oto to keep getting good roles, because she’s amazing.
13  お好みの「おじさま系上級生」を教えてください。
Please tell us which of the "avuncular type older seito" do you like?

If I’m understanding this question right, then definitely Hoshihara Misao. She’s the type of sweet “uncle” I’d love.
14  お好みの「お姉さま系上級生」を教えてください。
Please tell us which of the "older sister type seito" do you like?

Izumo Aya. She’s just that cool.
15  宝塚ファンとしての自分の長所と短所をあげてください。
Please tell us your strong point and weak point as a Takarazuka fan.

Hmmm. Well, my weakest point is definitely not being able to recognize ‘siennes for the life of me, unless I really latch onto them and work at it. Ayaki Nao is the still the only one I’m guaranteed to recognize at any point in her career (and beyond). Oh, and my inability to understand Japanese hurts as well. In terms of strengths…maybe really not minding the extreme cheesiness of so many of the costumes? Maybe?
16  宝塚ファン人生における最大の自慢は?
What's your greatest boast as a Takarazuka fan?

Errr…I Love Saeko?
17  宝塚ファン人生における最大の懺悔は?言える範囲でどうぞ。
What's your greatest confession as a Takarazuka fan? Feel free to elaborate.

Probably the fact that I can’t recognize the ‘siennes (again). That’s really embarrassing.
18  再演してほしい芝居はありますか?
Is there a musical you wish they would put on again?

The Sound of Music. I’d really, really love to see that!
19  再演してほしいショーはありますか?
Is there a revue show you wish they would put on again?

The Sound of Music. I’d really, really love to see that!
20  あなたがファンになる生徒さんの傾向を分析してみてください。
Please try and analyze the kind of seito you're inclined to become a fan of.

I seem to be really drawn to three types. One is the Ayaki Nao variety – stunningly beautiful, androgynous, moves with the grace of a gazelle, and just breaks my heart no matter what part she’s playing. The second is the Kiriya Hiromu variety – the snarky, funny, witty actresses who just make every part *that* much better, simply because they are the ones playing it. The third is the Ichiro Maki/Shizuki Asato variety – the belters. The ones who could sit on stage in a potato sack and do nothing but sing, and I wouldn’t care, because their voice is just *that* good.
21  黒エンビが今いちばん似合うのは誰だと思いますか?
Who do you think is currently best suited to a black tailcoat?

I really don’t think any otokoyaku is *not* suited to one.
22  「主演男役」という言葉を実際に使っていますか?
Do you ever actually use the words "lead otokoyaku"?

Hmmm…don’t think so.
23  轟悠さんについて何かコメントを。
Some comments on Todoroki Yuu.

I’ve always respected her for how long she’s been with the company, and the fact that she’s on the board of directors. I wasn’t incredibly impressed with her at first, but over time she’s really grown on me. I’m hoping to see a bit more of her.
24  路線男役の条件って何でしょうね?
What do you think are requirements for an otokoyaku on her way to the top?

Definitely a large fan-base, and good amount of talent. It’s looking as though the main thing is connections within the company, though, which is a bit of a shame.
25  路線娘役の条件って何でしょうね?
What do you think are requirements for a musumeyaku on her way to the top?

The same as above, along with a healthy dose of support from the otokoyaku she’s going to be partnered with.
26  朝海ひかるさんはどうですか?
What do you think of Asami Hikaru?

Like Todoroki Yuu, she’s been growing on me. So far I haven’t gone out of my way to look for a show with her, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen. Her Rudolf was amazing.
27  タカハナコンビはどうですか?
What do you think of the Taka-Hana combination?

One of the best I’ve seen. O-Hana is just an amazing performer, and I felt like she and Wao were just meant for each other.
28  では、おさふーコンビは?
And what's your chief combination?

Hmmm...I’d almost have to go with Wao and O-Hana, but Shibuki Jun and Emi Kurara were absolutely amazing as well.
29  この人の芸名カッコイイ!と思うのは?
What do you think is the coolest stage name?

I have no clue. I’ve never heard one I didn’t like. If I could actually translate them, I might have an answer ^^;;
30  「現役時代を見たかった!」と思うOGさんはいますか?
Is there an OG whom you wish you could have seen when she was a current seito?

If this means live, then Ayaki Nao, without a doubt.
31  「あのとき退団しなければ今頃は…」と思う生徒さんっていますよね?それは誰?
Is there someone you think: "They didn't retire last time, but this time..."? Who is it?

ehehehe…I really do think Haruno Sumire is going to be next of the Tops to go down, but we’ll see. I know this will be a Dark Day for all of us.
32  瀬奈じゅんさんについて何かコメントを。
Some comments on Sena Jun.

Really diverse actress, great chemistry with her partner and fellow actresses. She’s probably one of the best “all-around” ‘siennes I’ve seen.
33  在団中の85期娘役の中からイチオシを選ぶとしたら誰ですか?
If you had to select a current musumeyaku from the 85th class as trendy, who would it be?

Emi Kurara was in the same class as Ayana Oto and Aoki Izumi????? Good God, she made Top quick!!
Oh, right, the question. Ummm...I don't know anyone else in the class but those three, idea.
34  となみ派?あすか派?
Are you more partial to Tonami, or Asuka?

To be honest, I’ve never seen either of them in a show – I only know them by reputation.
35  「その舞台化粧今すぐどうにかしてください!」と思う人っていますよね?それは誰?
Is there someone whose makeup from a certain performance you want? Who?

Ayaki Nao’s Death in Tsukigumi. Because I said so :p
36  未来優希さんについて何かコメントを。
Some comments on Mirai Yuuki.

Hmmm…I’ve only seen her as the lead role in the shinjin koen of “A Man Called Bacchus,” so I can’t really comment. That particular show bored me, but I think it was because I couldn’t understand the plot, not because she couldn’t act.
37  大空祐飛さんについて何かコメントを。
Some comments on Ozora Yuuhi.

I don’t dislike Yuuhi, I just don’t love her as much as a lot of other people seem to, and I don’t really understand why. She acts wonderfully, has a good voice, and dances well. I always like seeing her in shows, and she’s one of the few ‘siennes I can generally recognize, which says something. I guess she’s just not one of my favorites.
38  「もっと使われてもいいはずなのにちっとも報われてない!」とあなたが思う生徒さんを教えてください。
Please tell us about a seito you think should be used more, but gets no recognition.

Ermmm…I can’t really think of any. Anyone I know probably gets recognition ^^;; I do agree with bunretsu that musumeyaku in general get the shaft, but other than that...
39  いま「劇団の秘蔵っ子」と言ったら誰を連想しますか?
If I said "someone treasured by the company", who would you associate that with?

Hanafusa Mari and Wao Youka. They couldn’t have had such a long run as Tops without company support.
40  あなたにとってのベストエトワールはどなた?
Who do you consider the best etoile?

Ouch, that’s hard. Mimi Anri, I suppose, although O-Hana was the etoile for Sora’s BeruBara, and of course she was great.
41  「歌えない」or「踊れない」or「芝居ができない」、この中で一番不利だと思うのは?
"She can't sing", "she can't dance", "she can't act", which do you consider the biggest handicap?

Until I met Asaji Saki, I honestly would have said singing, because I am so fussy about that. But honestly, now I really think it’s acting. Mariko proved that you can have a poor voice and still have a wonderful show. You can save bad singing and bad dancing. You can’t save bad acting.
42  安蘭けいさんについて何かコメントを。
Some comments on Aran Kei.

Wonderful, wonderful actress. I am so thrilled she’s going to be Top! Her best performance was definitely Singin’ in the Rain, but I’ve loved her in everything I’ve seen.
43  あなたが考える「男役トップスターの理想的な任期」ってどれくらいですか?
What do you think is the preferred amount of time for a top star to hold that position?

Hmmm…I guess that really depends on the ‘sienne. Three to five years, perhaps, but if they’re really excellent, then they could go on and on for all I care.
44  好きな劇作家とその先生のマイベスト作品を教えてください。2人くらいまで。
Please tell us who your favorite musical playwright is, and which of their works you like most. Up to two people is okay.

Not a clue.
After using the Wiki to death to look up all the director/writer people, apprently I love Koike Shuuichiro.
45  好きなショー作家とその先生のマイベスト作品を教えてください。2人くらいまで。
Please tell us who your favorite revue playwright is, and which of their works you like most. Up to two people is okay.

Not a clue.
46  着てみたい衣装ってありますよね?
Is there a costume you'd like to try on?

Any one of Death’s would do nicely, especially if I could have The Boots. And and Marie Antoinette's Red Dress with the Bling Bling.
47  あなたの好きな宝塚の楽曲を教えてください。3曲くらいまで。
Please tell us your favorite Takarazuka tune. Up to three is okay.

“Yami ga Hirogaru” from Elisabeth, hands down. I don’t know if “getting totally stuck in your head for DAYS” counts as “favorite,” but I suppose I should be in a (good?) word for “Ai Areba Koso” from BeruBara. Oh, and anything at all form Golden Pharaoh.
48  ダンサーと言えば誰ですか?
If I say dancer, who do you think of?

Asaji Saki. Shibuki Jun.
49  歌手と言えば誰ですか?
If I say singer, who do you think of?

Ichiro Maki. Shizuki Asato.
50  役者と言えば誰ですか?
If I say actress, who do you think of?

Ayaki Nao. Kiriya Hiromu.
51  マイベスト植田紳爾作品を教えてください。
Please tell us what you think is Ueda Shinji's best work.

Ummm…doing a search on the Wiki on reveals one show that I recognize by him, which is BeruBara, so I guess that wins by default.
52  2001年にやったばかりの「ベルサイユのばら」をもう再演決定。実際のところどうですか?
Although "Rose of Versailles" was just performed in 2001, they've scheduled it again (2006). What do you really think of that?

See, if I say that it’s too much, I’ll feel like a bit of a hypocrite, because they could perform Elisabeth all they wanted and I would want every single version. But at the same time, BeruBara is just…I dunno…a little too cheesy for my tastes, and I think it’s overdone.
53  マイベスト柴田侑宏作品を教えてください。
Please tell us what you think is Shibata Yukihiro's best work.

*Wiki* I recognize Glassy Landscape. That’s cool.
54  小池作品について何かコメントを。
Some comments on Koike's works.

Hmmm…I’m seeing Elisabeth, Seal of Roses, Lure of the Icon, Luna…Ok, I like this guy. He wins.
55  「エリザベート」は何組バージョンが好きですか?
Which troupe's version of Elisabeth do you like?

Tsukigumi’s is my favorite. Yukigumi’s is the best.
56  宝塚に外部スタッフとして招きたい人がいたら教えてください。実現可能性は問いません。
Is there some staff from outside of Takarazuka that you'd like to work there? It doesn't matter how feasible it is.

I think Rogers and Hammerstein would have had a blast  ^__^
57  宝塚で舞台化してほしい原作モノ(小説・映画・歴史上の人物etc)はありますか?
Is there an original work (novel, movie, historical person) that you'd like to see turned into a Takarazuka performance?

I think Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast would be awesome. And simply because the photo shoot was to die for, From Eroica with Love.

If you have a cast in mind, add that too.

In terms of Eroica, definitely keep Mizu Natsuki as Klaus and Yuuga Yamato as Dorian.
58  荻田作品は好きですか?
Do you like Ogita's works?

*Wiki Time* Ummm…I’m seeing Nova Bossa Nova and Babylon. Two thumbs up.
59  齋藤作品はどうですか?
What do you think of Saitou's works?

*more Wiki* Blue Moon Blue? *arches eyebrow* Ummm…weird, but strangely addicting
60  では、木村作品は?
Well then, what about Kimura's?

*WikiWikiWiki* Oooh, Ernest in Love! GoodGood!
61  あなたにとっての宝塚ベストヒーローはどの作品のどのキャラクター?
Which character from which performance do you think is the best Takarazuka hero?

This tough, but I’m going to say Francis (Shibuki Jun) from Seal of Roses. He’s an amazing character, the type that does what he has to do, not because he enjoys it, but because no one else can. That, to me, defines a hero.
62  では、ベストヒロインはどの作品のどのキャラクター?
Well then, what about the best heroine?

This is a toss-up between Mai-hime (Hoshina Yuri) from My Love Lies Over the Mountains, and Marie Antoinette (O-Hana’s version) of BeruBara. They’re both such strong characters, and are played by such excellent musumeyaku. Granted, they both end up dying, but they do so in such lovely, tragic ways.
63  5年後の男役トップスターを5名予想してください。
Predict the five top stars in five years.

No thank you. Although I do hope Kiriyan will be in there somewhere….

We don't know who will be in which troupe in five years, so troupe doesn't matter.
64  観劇は友達と?ひとりで?
Do you go to performances with friends or alone?

*cries* Neither.
65  観劇友達は多い方ですか?
Do you have a lot of friends who go to shows?

I know several people who’ve been.
66  入り・出待ちってどうですか?
What do you think of irimachi and demachi?

A little too ritualized for my taste, but definitely interesting, and something I’d love to try.
67  お茶会は好きですか?
Do you like ochakais?

Never saw one, but they sound cool.
68  FCの会服について一言どうぞ。
Feel free to say something about fan club outfits.

69  「歌劇」について何かコメントを。
A comment about "Kageki".

Much Shiny. Much Japanese ^^;;
70  「宝塚GRAPH」について何かコメントを。
A comment about "Takarazuka Graph".

Sparkly and pretty and happy and I wish I had money to buy them.
71  キャトルレーヴはよく使う?
Do you use Quatre Reves often?

Not as yet.
72  キャトルレーヴにあったらいいな、と思うグッズは何ですか?
What goods would you like to see at Quatre Reves?

Anything is fine.
73  宝塚アンに行ったことはありますか?
Have you ever been to Takarazuka-an?

No ^^;;
74  ついつい見てしまうお気に入りビデオは何ですか?
Is there a video you saw unintentionally and liked?

I think jenebi already covered that – there is no such thing as unintentional Zuka for foreign fans.
75  部屋を占領するビデオやプログラム、いつもどうしてますか?
What do you do with your videos and programs in your room?

My DVDs I now have lined up in cases (color-coded by troupe, because I was bored) and in order by year. I, unfortunately, own no programs.
76  劇場近辺のオススメ飲食店を教えてください。
Please tell us a restaurant around the theaters that you recommend.

77  プレミアつきのチケットに手を出したことはありますか?言える範囲でどうぞ。
Have you ever gotten premiere tickets? Feel free to elaborate.

78  劇団公式サイトに一言どうぞ。
Feel free to say something about the Takarazuka Home Page.

I wish I could read more of it.
79  スカイステージは見てますか?
Have you seen Sky Stage?

Only DVD copies ^^;;
80  第1、第2シリーズのパーソナルブックは揃えましたか?
Do you have the first or second series of personal books?

Does my Ayaki Nao Memorial Book Count?

Please tell us the purchasing circumstances, or why or why not you bought them.

Errr...I bought it because Saeko is Teh Sexy?
81  娘役さんのギャル系ファッションについてご意見をどうぞ。
What's your opinion on the girlish fashion of musumeyaku?

Depending on the musumeyaku, they are absolutely lovely, and I wish I could wear them.
82  男役さんのオフポート、あまりフェミニンなのは困りますか?
Is it a problem if otokoyaku are overly feminine off-stage?

Not at all! It’s their life, as much as fans and the company seem to wish otherwise, and they should be able to wear what they like.
83  白状すると、ご贔屓が違う観劇友達と話をするのは疲れますか?
Confess, if you're talking with a friend about a play without seito you support, are you bored?

If there’s no one in the show that I know, then yes.
84  「男役の色気」って何でしょうね?
What is the "sexiness of otokoyaku"?

Androgyny, when done well, is sexy. Plus, so many of these women are just so gorgeous on their own, it doesn’t take much to make them look sexy.
85  2派?8派?知らないなんて言わせません。
Are you partial to 2 or 8? If you don't understand the question, don't answer it.
86  そこで思わずネットバトルに参戦してしまったり?
Did you participate in that internet battle without thinking?
87  いわゆる「妄想系」について一言どうぞ。知らないとは言わせません。
Say something about the so-called "delusionistic". If you don't understand the question, don't answer it.
88  「宝塚→ビアン虎の穴」と連想する非ヅカファンに一言どうぞ。
What do you think of non-zuka fans who associate Takarazuka with a lesbian tiger pit?


Ok. Ummm…I actually had a professor at college who assumed Zuks was basically by lesbians, for lesbians, and it annoyed me that she said that, because she’d never heard of the revue before I’d mentioned it. I don’t like it when people make snap decisions in general.

89  宝塚ファンだということを会社や学校でカミングアウト済み?
Have you come out as a Takarazuka fan at work or school?

Yes, but people have no clue what I’m talking about, so it’s all good.
90  全くのドシロウトさんに「宝塚ってどうよ?」と言われたら何て切り返す?
If Doshirouto asked you "What's so great about Takarazuka?" how would you reply?

Who? Well, either way, I’d say it was great because it’s unique. There are other all-female and all-male performance troupes in the world, but there is nothing like Zuka. It’s also infectious. Once you start, you really can’t stop. It’s too addicting.
91  宝塚に対して「萌え~」って言うのはアリですか?
Have you ever used the term "crush" in regards to Takarazuka?

Not that I know of.
92  宝塚にハマっていることが原因で実生活の男性観が歪むことはありますか?
Has your love for Takarazuka ever slanted your perceptions of men in your real life?

Nah. I still love my husband just the same  ^__^
93  宝塚ファンとして「戻れないところまで来ちゃったな」と思った瞬間は?
Have you ever had an instant as a fan where you thought: "I've gone past the point of no return?"

Probably when I look at my master list these days. When I first became a fan, I said I wanted a copy of Elisabeth and Phantom and then I’d be done. How the mighty have fallen….
94  「痛いファン」ってどんな人でしょうね?
What kind of person is a "painful fan"?

Maybe the equivalent of an anime otaku? Someone who is involved in Zuka to the exclusion of everything else, and tends to be a know-it-all.
95  男性の宝塚ファンをどう思いますか?
What do you think of men being Takarazuka fans?

I think it’s awesome, and there should be more!
96  「オールドファン」の定義を教えてください。
Please tell us your definition of an "old fan".

Errr…someone who has been a fan for a really long time?
97  宝塚ファンとして絶対にしてはいけないことは何だと思いますか?
What do you think is something that Takarazuka fans must not do?

Other people have already covered stalking the ‘siennes, which is a Big No No. My personal pet peeve is when fans stop supporting the actresses after they leave Zuka and continue their careers elsewhere. Why in the world would you stop caring about someone just because they’ve left???
98  宝塚ファンをやめるとしたらどんなときですか?
What would cause you to stop being a Takarazuka fan?

It may be unthinkable now, but there could come a time when I’m just not interested in the show any more. It’s happened with other obsessions of mine in the past, and it could happen here. I could also go totally broke in the next five years buying shows, and never be able to afford anything again. ^^;;
99  もし、自分に娘が生まれたら宝塚に入れたい?
If you had a daughter, would you want her to enter Takarazuka?

Hmmm…I’m not sure. It seems like a really painful process, and I would hate to see a child of mine go through so much pain and anguish. Still, I don’t suppose I’d stop her, if she had her heart set on it.
100  最後の質問。あなたにとって宝塚とは?「夢の世界」以外のお答えをどうぞ。
Last question. What is Takarazuka to you? Please answer with something other than "a world of dreams".

I believe I’ve already answered that to the best of my ability here.  ^__^
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