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September Night - Ichiro Maki Dinner Show

So I know I promised caithion that the next Zuka show I watched would be Dal Lake no Koi, which I really, really do want to see, but all this morning September Night, the Ichiro Maki dinner show I bought from merryshannon, was staring me in the face, and I just couldn’t resist it. As it is a VHS, I have no pictures to share, unfortunately, so you’ll just have to take my word that it was Love.

This woman’s voice just gets better and better each time I hear here sing. I’m honestly beginning to think that I prefer her voice to any other ‘sienne I’ve heard, although she *is* fighting a mighty heavy battle with Zunko for that title. In any case, she just really kills me quite dead.

The show was fairly short – only about an hour – which was disappointing because they very obviously cut a good chunk out of it. Still and all, being the first dinner show I’ve ever watched, I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was a very intimate setting, and I felt like it gave the ‘siennes more of a chance to really interact with the audience.

The cast was very small – Ichiro and four musumeyaku – but that was perfectly fine with me. I didn’t want to be distracted from her for a moment. I must admit that her partner for that year – Murasaki Tomo – was quite cute. Her voice had the really high-pitched, girly musumeyaku air, but it was really strong despite this, and she rather grew on me. She also has one of the most lovely smiles I’ve ever seen. She had one solo number when she went out among the audience to sing, and it was just so obvious that she was genuinely happy.

Without a doubt my favorite song of the whole show was their rendition of “The Locomotion,” which was just hysterical. The musumeyaku all came out in poodle skirts, and Ichiro wore this God-awful neon-patched jacket with a blindingly bright tie, and it was Love at first sight. I was laughing throughout most of the song, but truly, I loved it. My favorite “serious” song was a duet with Ichiro and Tomo-chan –  “The Last Night of the World,” from Miss Saigon. I’ve always loved this song to bits, and Ichiro’s crooning just made it that much more powerful.

Other songs I recognized included Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses,” Whitney Houston’s “I Want to Run to You,” and a bit from BeruBara’s “Ai no Junrei.” The last was sung during a Zuka medley, and that was the only song I recognized ^^;; The show ended with a rendition of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina,” from Evita, which at first I was excited about. It’s a very lovely song, after all, and Ichiro’s powerful voice would most likely give me shivers. However, Zuka must have been listening to the horrible re-mix of the song that Madonna recorded to promote her movie, because after one lovely, slow verse, the stage exploded into disco lighting and Very Sparkly Suits. So here’s Ichiro, singing this really sad song, a huge smile on her lips and wearing one of Zuka’s signature gold suits with the really high-backed collar. That was really my only disappointment ^^;;

Probably the oddest moment was during the Zuka Medley songs, which Ichiro sang while wandering throughout the audience. It was so cute, really, because the audience members would look up and smile at her as she passed, but then quickly duck their heads and bow before Ichiro could catch their eye. Such respectful fan-worship is really adorable, in my opinion. But at about the middle of the song, two women, probably 20- or 30-ish, sunk up behind her in the spotlight, carrying two large bouquets of flowers. One of them kept motioning for the other to follow, and it was obvious they were nervous, but determined. When Ichiro turned their way, they presented her with the flowers, then scurried away. Unfortunately, Ichiro’s back was to the camera at that point, so we couldn’t see her reaction. To be honest, that weirded me out a little. I mean, isn’t that was iri and demachi is for? Let the woman sing! (The flowers were quite pretty, however, I must say.)

One thing that really struck me during the whole show was how soft and almost meek Ichiro’s speaking voice is, especially when compared to such a powerful singing voice. Whenever she talked, I had to turn up the volume, because she was so quiet. She always seemed like she was just on the border of being embarrassed, and therefore didn’t want to talk too loud, in case she said something silly. But then she would sing and the whole room was just filled. I’ve never noticed such a large contradiction before. She’s just so cute!!!

So yeah, I realize this post contained excessive amounts of fangirling for my latest obsession, but Ichiro truly is amazing, and I really can’t wait to see more of her. Her voice alone literally overpowers me, and I really do love her dearly.

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