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Ai to Shi no Rondo [entries|friends|calendar]
Ai to Shi no Rondo


Youkoso Minna-sama!
Welcome to Sanalith's Takarazuka Page. Here you will find reviews of shows I like, rantings and ravings about different actresses, and just general bursts of happiness at the wonder that is Takarazuka. Please feel free to poke around and do enjoy your stay!

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[11 Nov 2006|10:03pm]
Princess Lucia's Pointless 5 x 5 Takarazuka Meme!

Five 'siennes whose hotness leaves you thrilled, astounded, bewildered, and dead in a heap on the floor: Ayaki Nao, Ichiro Maki, Kiriya Hiromu, Shibuki Jun, and Mizu Natsuki.

Five non-top 'siennes whose retirements blighted your life in ways too numerous to name: Hatsukaze Midori, Mimi Anri, Tsukifune Sarara, Juri Sakiho and Yabuki Sho

Five 'siennes you never thought you'd like and now you do, at least sort of, or on specific occasions or in specific clothing, or, well, even once counts: Todoroki Yu (not sure why, just because...), Asaji Saki (I really thought I wouldn't be able to get past her voice), Kouju Tatsuki (but only because I keep forgetting how much I really *do* love her),  Makoto Tsubasa (because the first thing I saw her in was LUNA and that whole show scared me ^^;;) and Haruno Sumire (because I was comparing her Death directly to Saeko's, which was just plain silly).

Five 'siennes who should never, ever, on pain of death, I'm really not kidding about this, wear dresses: Todoroki Yuu, Haruno Sumire, Kozuki Wataru, Hoshihara Misao and Shibuki Jun.

Five 'siennes whom you can really see in a Death wig: Mizu Natsuki (w00t, soon!), Shibuki Jun, Aran Kei, Maya Miki, and Emao Yuu.
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Zuke Meme! [22 Oct 2006|07:28pm]
Much thanks to kyttenfae for giving us all something fun to do! ^__^

Survey Ahoy!Collapse )
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Yes, I know I haven't written in a while.... [21 Oct 2006|11:46am]
...and I don't really have anything all that important to say. It's just that I was listening to the soundtrack to the Broadway musical version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" for the first time in a very long time, and I was struck as to how absolutely perfect it would be for Takarazuka to perform it. I mean, just think! The costumes, the scenery, the lighting! All sooo over-the-top! And...and...if it was Tsukigumi, then Asa could be the Beast and Mihoko could be Belle, and Kiriyan would have to be either Gaston or Lumiere and would be sooooo perfect, and even though I know she usually plays "bad girls" I think Izumo Aya would make a darling Mrs. Pots, and Hoshihara Misao could play Belle's father, and the line dance would *have* to be to "Be Our Guest," and I can almost *see* them coming down the grand staircase singing the theme song...argh fjmsdksdigj8iosdg!!!!

Ok, I suppose that's enough ranting for now ^^;;

But seriously. It would be perfect. Think about it.

EDIT: Oh oh! I take back what I said about Kiriyan possibly being Gaston. She would *have* to be Lumiere so that Ai-chan could be the sexy little feather duster!!!  *evil grin*
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Here's your challenge... [06 Oct 2006|11:39pm]
I just finished watching Tsuki's Elisabeth for the first time in a really, really long time. I've been so overwhelmed with my supplies of New Shiny that it's hard sometimes to go back and visit the old favorites. Part of the way through, I wondered if maybe some of you have this same problem. Soooooo....here's the challenge.

Go back and watch the very first Takarazuka show you ever saw. If this isn't possible (either because your first show was live or you watched it at someone else's house, etc.) then watch the first show you owned on DVD. Watch all of it, watch your favorite five minutes, or something in between, but go back and loose yourself in it for at least a scene or two.

What does it feel like?

Maybe it's still your current favorite, one you've watched over and over again. Maybe it's a bizarre revue that after all this time you *still* can't understand. Maybe it has your One True 'Sienne in it, or perhaps you don't know too many of the stars at all.

What to you see when you watch it now?

For me, watching Tsuki's Elisabeth is like coming home again; like being wrapped up in an old, comfortable blanket. I can look at it and see the faults that I didn't notice the first time around, and I can admit that there are times when it's not the best. I recognize actresses now that I didn't the last time I watched it. But despite this, it hasn't lost the magic. I can gloss over all its faults and shortcomings for the simple reason that no other show makes me feel the same way this one does.

Now think back to where you were when you watched your first show. Try to remember what you were thinking, feeling. Did you know what was coming? Were you in any way prepared for it? Or was it like being punched in the stomach by a really, really big guy?

I was in caithion's living room, sprawled out on a comfy couch, and I had no clue what was coming. All I knew was that it was Japanese, it was musical, and it was best friend approved. The fact that it was all-women didn't hurt the feminist streak in me, either. I had been offered my choice between Elisabeth, Guys and Dolls,  and Luna. I picked Elisabeth because it had the prettiest cover, and because Jen promised me lots of capes. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I didn't know that, a few months later, before I even saw my second full show, I would be shelling out over $100 just so I could see Elisabeth again. Just so I could see Ayaki Nao again. Just so I could feel what the show made me feel again.

I've seen so many shows since that evening in Jen's living room. They've made me laugh, cry, love, and hate. But nothing has ever left me as breathless as that show, not necessarily because it's the best, but because it brought me into such an amazing world. That first look left such an impression on me that it's almost pointless to try to compare the show to any other one. Nothing can beat that moment.

And no matter how many other shows I watch, no matter how much I learn and my tastes change, when I watch this show, a part of me will still be that girl sitting on Jen's couch, eyes wide in wonderment like a kid at Christmas, seeing the show for the very first time.

Put aside the new shinies. Watch you first show. Let it take you home again. Trust me - the feeling is amazing.
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I almost forgot!! [02 Oct 2006|10:13pm]
Happy Birthday Kiriyan!!! Many wonderful returns! I hope your gift is to one day become Top of Tsukigumi!!

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Saeko Masterpiece Theater Icons! [02 Oct 2006|02:56pm]
Thanks to the wonderful bunretsu, we have been showered with several weeks of stunning pictures of The Most Lovely One, Ayaki Nao. While I cannot hope to do justice to her magnificence, I have come before you with a paltry offering of icons to lay at her feet (and yours) as an offering of Love. bunretsu has kindly allowed me to share with you my meager gifts. Hopefully at least some of them will bring you pleasure. Please let me know if you like any, or if you decide to take some. Credit would be lovely  ^__^

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Request for Help [27 Sep 2006|07:54pm]
I realize this isn't Takarazuka per se, but it is about Elisabeth, so here it be posted.

Does anyone know where I can find a translation for "Wenn Ich Tanzen Will?" I'd like to see how the lyrics compare to "Watashi ga Odoru Toki" (which we all love jenebi for translating!)  Google has been no help, and the automatic translating program is horrible. Any info would be wonderful.

Thanks so much in advance!
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[25 Sep 2006|06:07pm]
Ichiro singing "New York, New York" is Love.

Just thought I'd share.
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September Night - Ichiro Maki Dinner Show [18 Sep 2006|07:04pm]

So I know I promised caithion that the next Zuka show I watched would be Dal Lake no Koi, which I really, really do want to see, but all this morning September Night, the Ichiro Maki dinner show I bought from merryshannon, was staring me in the face, and I just couldn’t resist it. As it is a VHS, I have no pictures to share, unfortunately, so you’ll just have to take my word that it was Love.

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Zuka 100 [18 Sep 2006|02:54pm]
Yay for caithion and her ability to find us such wonderful ways to procrastinate!

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*is nervous* [15 Sep 2006|08:58am]
[ mood | worried ]

Yesterday we didn't get mail. We got our neighbor's mail. Said neighbor did not recieve our mail. I am expecting a package any second from shirabyoshi containing copious amounts of Shiny Things.

What if yesterday's mail had the package? Who ended up with it? What if they realize the treasure that is in their possession and decide to keep it???

My husband claims he is more worried about bills getting lost, but I don't understand that at all. What are bills to Shinies????


Edit: Yay, package arrived safe and sound tjis afternoon!! *sigh of relief* Now onto the Shiny!

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[11 Sep 2006|05:07pm]
So I thought this meme might be kind of fun to adopt for Zuka. The original reads thusly: What five items owned by characters in your fandom(s) would you most like to own? How would it go if we changed it to read What five items used in a Zuka production would you most like to own? It took some doing, but I think it just may be possible to narrow it down.

1.) Death’s Boots, from the Dr. Death/Saigo no Chansu scenes. No one has Boots like that.  (Tsuki Elisabeth)

2.) Nikita’s headpiece, because I want to dress up like a hot cult leader for Halloween, and I must have the proper accessories.  (Hoshi Lure of the Icon)

3.) Gwendolyn’s hat, because the perfect hat can obviously overcome any and all obstacles in life.  (Tsuki Ernest in Love)

4.) Marie Antoinette’s red dress and jewels, because we're apparently living in the age of bling-bling, and I want my share!  (Sora Versailles no Bara)

5.) Big Joule’s teddy bear. Please don't tell me I need to elaborate.  (Tsuki Guys and Dolls)

Any takers?

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Hoshigumi Epiphany [11 Sep 2006|04:20pm]

So, as much as I love Tsukigumi, I really am so much in love with Saeko-era Hoshigumui, and Epiphany very recently reminded me why. I don’t know why I was putting off watching this show – other than, for some reason, I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to follow the plot at all – but I can see now that I was simply being an idiot. This is, without a doubt, one of the best Bow Hall productions I’ve ever seen, and it has reaffirmed my complete and utter love for Ayaki Nao.

Not that such a love really ever need reaffirming, but really, Ichiro’s cheekbones *have* been giving her competition.


Synopsis here. Originally based on Shakepeare's Twelfth Night (which, due to my excessive love of this show, I must now read). Hey, Zuka's Romeo and Juliet was awesome, so I don't see why this should be any different!

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*pulls out hair* [05 Sep 2006|05:09pm]
So, Kashige is leaving already. Huh. After all the blood, sweat and tears we wasted, wondering who was going to be Top next, and now we get to do it all over again.



Anyways, I am personally hoping for Tani to come in next, because she really is amazing, but thanks to bunretsu, I'm now totally afraid that they might pull my beloved Kiriyan out of Tsukigumi!! Now, don't get me wrong. She's my second favorite otokoyaku of all time, and I want to see her become Top like nothing else, but she *must* stay in Tsuki, she MUST!! She's just such an integral part of the troupe! And...and...they just *can't* pull her away from Shirosaki Ai! They're *made* for each other!!


Anyways, I fully support the idea of Tani being promoted, although I've heard Yumiko's name being thrown about quite a bit, and I have no problems with her, either. bunretsu also mentioned the idea of Tom coming in for a bit before officially promoting anyone, and that could also be cool. Decisions, decisions.

Why must the Zuka Gods torture us so?
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Yuikigumi Versailles no Bara [29 Aug 2006|09:31pm]

So this week’s victim was Yukigumi’s Versailles no Bara – Andre to Oscar, performed in 1989 and making it the oldest complete show I’ve ever watched. Yay fun.

To be honest, sometimes I wonder why I keep subjecting myself to BeruBara. Sorgumi’s 2001 performance was only the second full Zuka show I ever watched, and I’ll admit that I fell in love with it. I also had no complaints with Hoshi’s 2001 version. But, let’s face it…this really is one of Zuka’s cheesiest shows. But they keep performing it! And I keep watching it! Why is this???

It was this performance that finally answered this question. BeruBara is a very old and popular play, and most ‘siennes seem to consider it an honor to star in it. (Didn’t Wataru claim that playing Fersen was one of the best ways she could think of to end her career or something?) Anyways, each time it gets cycled through the troupes, rabid fangirls like myself let out many high-pitched squees because (insert favorite ‘sienne’s name here) is playing Oscar, Andre or Fersen! And sometimes we can even buy the exact DVDs we want with our ‘siennes playing our favorite roles! (Yay BeruBara digests.) And because we keep squeeing and buying the DVDs, the company keeps putting on the show, and thus the cycle continues. In this particular case, (insert favorite sienne’s name here) was Ichiro Maki, my latest obsession, and she was playing Oscar. I had noooo idea who any of the other ‘siennes were (except Hoshihara Misao, thank heavens) so I was basically watching this for some Hot Cheekbones Action. I was not disappointed. Still, I must admit that this was a very…interesting rendition of BeruBara.

I was under the impression that there were only two arcs for the show – Marie Antoinette and Fersen, and Oscar and Andre. I obviously assumed this version was of the second variety. However, it seems that there is, in fact, a third version, which is Andre and Oscar. While I think I still prefer the Oscar and Andre version best, I must admit that this had it’s perks, the largest being that a good chunk of the plot focused on Rosalie, the young girl who had been serving Oscar and her family for many years. I’ve always really loved this character, and the amount of time they spent developing it really made me happy. Her history seemed to go against some of the things presented in the other two versions, but we’ll forgive that.

Less forgivable, perhaps, are the 80s-style wigs and the massive amount of blue eye-shadow, but I’ll try to get past even that…..

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Joins in the Yukigumi and Hoshigumi Love! [29 Aug 2006|06:05pm]
All I can say is, at least they're keeping us on our toes.

I must say that I am quite excited about seeing Tonami play Elisabeth with Mizu!Death. I think this is going to be one heck of a good show. I really am surprised they didn't leave her with Touko, though. I thought they would have made a good pair. Still, Asuka should be good with Touko, I really can't see anyone *not* being a good partner for her, really.

I totally agree with bunretsu - this is totally messing with my mind... ^^;;

Congrats to everyone!
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Nee-chan's Meme! [26 Aug 2006|10:49pm]
Yay for something to perk up my day!

This meme really drove home to me how different my opinions are when my "favorites" are compared to "the best." My answers would have been almost all different if those words had been switched. Weird.

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I have Pretties!!! [23 Aug 2006|07:12pm]
Look at what redcrest just sent me from when she was in Japan!!!!

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TCA Special 1995 [20 Aug 2006|09:38pm]

...aka: How Many Otokoyaku Can Shannon Recognize THIS Time?

So, TCA 1995. This is only the second special I’ve watched, and I have to say that this was much…stranger than 2004 (probably by virtue of it being almost 10 years older ^^;;).  This experience also reminded me why I tend not to watch TCA Specials alone. The evening went something like this: 

“Hmmm…all right, well, know I can recognize Mariko and Ichiro…ok, well, maybe only Mariko (where are my Cheekbones of Hotness?!?!)…hey, so this is the Maya Miki shirabyoshi has been squealing about….geez, I wish I knew who was singing that song, she’s awesome…ZOMG IT’S SAEKO IN DRAG!!!….hey, big ears and good voice, must be Zunko….lalalala no clue, no clue, oh look, it’s O-Hana!...more sparklies and fedoras and is that Rika – cool!.... bah, who are these people???. ..hey, I *like* that song and it’s Mami singing and how awesome is that…. hmmm…hmmm….ok, THAT’S Ichiro because she’s singing and I’m *dying* and I think I can recognize Yuri now (maybe)….etc., etc.”


By the end of the show I was pretty good with the top four otokoyaku. Mariko and Miki were definitely recognizable, but for some reason, Ichiro and Yuri looked alike to me.

Don’t laugh :p 

It took me forever to be able to recognize KIRIYAN for cryin’ out loud, and she’s one of my all-time favorites. Perhaps these are just good testing grounds. Anyways, I was good with Ichiro when she was singing, because she has a very distinctive voice, but otherwise…yeah. No dice.

Still, this was quite an interesting experience.


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Much Rejoicing in Zuka-Land! [17 Aug 2006|05:54pm]
Yay for Mizu being Yuki's new Top! I have nothing really constructive to say about it, since it was kind of expected, but I am soooo thrilled for her! She really, really deserves it. And I cannot *wait* to see her Death in Elisabeth! I somehow get this feeling that she's going to resemble Osa's Death more than anything - very human and emotional. We shall see! Oh, how I wish I was rich so I could go see her live!!

Also, for those not on the Yahoo mailing list, it appears that Ichiro Maki is pregnant! That's so exciting! I hope her child inherits her lovely voice and sexy cheekbones!  ^_~

Congratulations all around!  *throws roses*
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