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Greetings, and welcome to sanalith's livejournal dedicated to the all-female Japanese theatre troupe, Takarazuka. I decided that my poor f-list had been spammed long enough with all my comments about the revue, so I took a page from a few other ladies and made a separate journal just for Zuka. Most of the entries will be reviews of various shows, but I'm sure there will be other things that pop up along the way, along with a healthy dose of fangirl-like squeeing.

Just so you can get my tastes right off the bat, so there are no surprises, here are my favorites:

Troupes: Tsuki and Hoshi
Otokoyaku: Ayaki Nao, Kiriya Hiromu, Ichiro Maki, Aran Kei, Kozuki Wataru, Sena Jun, Mizu Natsuki, Shibuki Jun, Emao Yuu, Minoru Kou
Musumeyaku: Hanfusa Mari, Hoshina Yuri, Emi Kurara, Ootori Rei, Izumo Aya, Shirosaki Ai, Ayano Kanami
Western-Based Musicals: Elisabeth, Phantom, Ernest in Love, Singin' in the Rain
Original Musicals: Bara no Fuuin, Waga Ai wa Yama no Kanata ni, Golden Pharaoh

Please feel free to friend this journal with or without asking. If I see someone has friended me I'll most likely just automatically friend them back ^__^ Also, don't feel that you have to friend me in order to leave comments. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts!

Ayaki Nao layout made by the wonderful hana_no_uta ^__^

Moon Troupe Is Multi-Generational Otokoyaku Love!

Snow Troupe Tops Are Love!

Star Troupe Top Otokoyaku Are Love!

Even Death needs LOVE!

Tsukigumi's top-Otokoyaku are LOVE!

Happy Takarasiennes are LOVE!